A Message to All Who Stand With Phil

true love

Fall in love.

Fall in love with someone you’re not supposed to. Hold their hand. Kiss them. Get to know them. Learn their secrets. Support them as they reach for their goals

Fall in love. Fall in love with someone again and again every day. Whisper words in the dark and laugh in the sunlight. Dance together in the rain.

Fall in love as all around you people hurl words and stones. Find the strength to rise above the epithets and curses. Find a love so powerful and moving that half a nation can scream at you that you are an abomination, that you deserve eternal torment, that you are broken, unbalanced, that you need to be fixed, and all you need to brush it off  is a squeeze of your hand.

Fall in love amidst fear. Fear of being caught. Fear of loss, of a family or a job. Fear for your life, as the names are printed in the paper and you wonder if you or that person lying next to you are going to be next. Fall in love with the person who wipes the blood off your lip and puts ice on your eye after someone throws a punch in the name of their god.

Fall in love as the world changes. Grow a bit older, a bit wiser. Buy a house, run a household. Start a family, adopt a pet. Grow, learn, lose, and above all love. After so many years of waiting, say a few words in a courthouse in front of a judge and go home that night feeling for the first time in your life that you matter. That it’s real for you too.

Fall in love.

And watch a man with a long beard on television, who does not know you, has not met you, cannot understand the ways in which you have endured and grown and loved. Watch him tell you that everything you are and have been is no more than a man in a barn screwing a goat.

And tell me you have not been attacked.

true hate

Photo Credit to msnbc.com and forbes.com

2 thoughts on “A Message to All Who Stand With Phil

  1. ❤ and well said. I don't care what an unkempt guy who looks like he's sucking his thumb in every photo I've seen of him thinks about my relationships, but he sure thinks his approval is vastly necessary to my life. (Did you see that Twitter joke about how his entire way of life is made possible by making lures that make ducks think he wants to have sex with them?)

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