Christians Will Let Children Starve Because Gay Marriage


Dear Christianity,

I’m done.

Fuck it, I’m done.

I’m done refraining from using coarse language to describe you on this blog, because you haven’t proven yourself to be worthy of even the basic civility.

I thought I was done with you when you helped paid for the bombs that blew up my people.

I thought I was done with you when you hid child rapists from the authorities and then claimed that you were the most transparent and responsible organisation when it comes to rooting out kid-fuckers among your holy men.

I thought I was done with you when you insisted Jesus was white, when you asked George Zimmerman for autographs, when you told the parents of a Buddhist kid that he should transfer out of his school to ‘one with more Asians.

I thought I was done with you then.

I guess I wasn’t, because I’m done with you now.

Because you essentially are going to let children starve in your ongoing crusade against gay people.

Dear World Vision: I see that you have made a decision to allow married gay people work for your organisation. Congratulations for finally reaching a position that allows you to maintain basic decency. I have plenty of sarcastic and cutting comments about the fact that it took you this gods damned long to realise that gay people can feed the hungry too, but I’m not going to indulge in them. Because you made the right choice. And I understand that after decades of repeated indoctrination saying that LGBT people should not even be tolerated, breaking your mind and your conscience free and making that first step is a big deal. So you know what, good on you.

Edit: At this time, World Vision is reportedly reversing their policy change. Well World Vision, way to compromise what you know is right to do the easy thing. I sponsored a child yesterday, and I will continue to because I don’t treat hungry children like trophies to demonstrate my piety.

Dear Christendom: Your reaction to this reversal in policy is disgusting. It is absolutely beyond comprehension. Should we take a look at it?

AFA, you’re calling for a boycott of World Vision.

Matt Barber, you’re claiming gay people feeding kids is an abomination before your god.

Linda Harvey, you’re going to stop donating to World Vision and let children starve.


Thousands of Christians commenting on their websites, you’re resolved to join her.

Because fuck the starving children. It’s more important to kick LGBT people down and keep them in their place. Again.

Dear conservative Christians: You have, once again, disgusted me. World Vision is an organisation that links people to specific children in need across the globe, and you are abandoning them in droves because…of what? Gay marriage? The thought that gay people might find jobs in Christian organisations that do wonderful things for people? I’m not surprised. I know the nature of your religion, I know how far you are willing to take the hatred that permeates everything you touch. Why should anyone be surprised by this? You have shown, time and time again, that your hatred trumps your compassion, your dignity, your own decency.

You have told every LGBT individual out there, Christian and not, that they are so vile, so damned, so unworthy of the love of your god that they are not even fit to feed starving children. That you are willing to let the misery and squalor and pain around the world go on if it means that you don’t have to see them, interact with them, act as though they are capable of just as much generosity and empathy as you are.

The Gentile woman begged Jesus to heal her daughter. He called her a dog, and she told him that even dogs at scraps from their master’s table. You don’t even have the decency to do give LGBT people that. You have kicked the dog out the door and into the street, calling out ‘It’s all in love!’ as you shut the door.

So enough. Enough of this pantomime you play, this charade that you are acting with morality and love, that you are loving the sinner and hating the sin, that you are expressing the truth in love, that all sins are equal under the sight of god and that you don’t treat them any different. Because it’s sickening. The stench of your hypocrisy is rising to the heavens you worship. You want to believe that gay people are doomed to a eternity in hellfire and damnation? Fine. That’s you’re prerogative. It makes you an awful person, and I wish you no good in your life.

But, gods damn it, you’re going to stop feeding a child that has been relying on you for everything they need just because a gay person might touch the food or water or schoolbooks?



Dear Progressive Christianity: I’m tired. I’m tired of this. I’m tired of being assured that this isn’t what Christianity is all about. I’m tired of been admonished when I criticise your religion and told I’m focusing on people and not the message of love you claim your god is about. I’m tired of waiting for you to step up and clean up your religion and turn it into something that actually contributes to the betterment of human existence.

You have had 2,000 years to shape Christianity into something that actually resembles a group of people following Christ. You have failed. You have succeeded in a hundred wars, a thousand massacres, a million rapes, a billion deaths, and today you have succeeded in leaving hundreds of children without the necessities they rely on. You claim that you’re about love, you claim that you advocate tolerance, and Christianity continues to burn the world to the ground if it means they can get rid of those icky gays. Or blacks. Or Roma. Or Jews. Or transgendered people.

This is your religion. This is the face of Christianity, these are its works. This is what it produces. Claim whatever you want, but the cruelty of your brothers and sisters in Christ is the modus operandi of your religion, and more importantly it is backed up by your own Scriptures. And the rest of us have lost patience with it.

Dear Christianity: We are done. Thank you for what you have done today to aid the cause of atheism.


I encourage everyone who can to consider sponsoring a child in need through World Vision or another reputable organisation that you prefer. This is an issue that goes far beyond theological disagreements and grudges.


This child was fed by a lesbian. He will also go to hell.

This child was fed by a lesbian. He will also go to hell.

6 thoughts on “Christians Will Let Children Starve Because Gay Marriage

  1. The vitriolic response against World Vision exposed (yet again) the mean-spirited hatefulness of a substantial population of Christians. But peculiar stench of their offerings does not characterize all Christians, These goons-for-Jesus quite readily fall into self-caricature, and we shall know them by their fruit. Such delicious irony!

    The particularly American strain of vacuous, “conservative,” fundamentalist, largely Southern evangelical Christianity does not typify all Christianity. No regional or denominational tradition does. (“Conservative” in quotes because they are quite happy to invoke the power of the state to suit their purpose, but that’s a tangent for another time.)

    I’ve seen your posts at RHE’s blog, and I value your insight. I also count myself an atheist, and I also read RHE. I respect her because she seeks truth by first turning a critical eye upon herself. RHE, and others like her, continue to give me hope that perhaps humanity can be more than a burden to the earth. I do not believe in her God, or any god, but I cherish and respect humility and grace when I find it. I am no Christian, yet “grace” is my favorite word. I find I share common ground with RHE and others like her of any religious or non-religious persuasion.

    I feel your pain, but to abandon the field avails nothing. Please continue to contribute your experience and reason to these controversies. We are all stuck on this planet together, and to quote Bruce Cockburn, we must “kick at the darkness until it bleeds daylight.”

    • I have considered myself a ‘Christian’ and also respect RHE and some others, but this may be the final straw. The problem with Progressives is that in holding back from calling out evil, and always looking for the ‘middle way’ to make peace with the conservative evangelicals, we become complicit. Constantly providing them cover by saying ‘Not all Christians are like that’ makes the implied assertion that we are all Christian. That we have something in common. There can be no solidarity with evil. You cannot threaten to steal bread from the mouth of a starving child that you have cultivated a relationship with in order to lash out yet again at the LBGT community and not be evil. Plain and simple. If I am expected to be complicit with that degree of evil in order to use the label, then I reject it.

  2. So now, a few days later, after all the hand wringing and sadness has past, we see the progressive christians rolling over and figuring out ways to to justify staying in bed, or ‘at the table’ to use their term, with the evil that unmasked itself last week. I am sure this surprises you not at all, having experienced so much worse. I am a ashamed at how often I made excuses for this horrible religion. RHE in a FB post last night used a quote by CK Chesterton that used the term of empire ‘christendom’ and a myth about christianity dying and resurrecting as a salve for her troubled soul. How much blood has been spilled ‘In hoc signo’ and when exactly did christianity ever die? What else should be expect from people so invested, though? Book deals, speaking engagements, popular blogs, university posts, church posts, are they really going to let all that go? I used to wonder why atheists such as yourself constantly criticized christianity rather than just ignoring it and living your lives – now I know. I am actually sorry I ever even questioned it.

    • I think RHE has pretty adamantly announced that she’s leaving the Evangelical label and all that it entails behind. Whether she will keep good on this claim remains to be seen in my opinion. I continue to like and respect RHE, but I don’t believe she will ever leave Christianity.

      But in the meantime, yes, many progressives continue to value church unity and ‘the cause of Christ’ far above stepping up and facing off with evil. Your comment reflected a lot of what I’m writing for my next post and affirms that I should finish it sooner than later.

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